Infrastructure Development

SCEMS is committed to integrating the objectives of achieving academic excellence and holistic educational development with concurrent infrastructural development. In order to create and enhance the infrastructure that facilitates effective teaching and learning, policies are framed meticulously according to the strength and needs of the students. 

Infrastructural requirements are discussed at staff meetings and at management committee meetings, decided upon and communicated at the Governing Body meetings of the Society and incorporated into the budget proposals which are scrutinized by the economic council of the society. On recommendation from the economic council, the governing body approves them, subject to the availability of funds. On approval and release of funds, the project is implemented. SCEMS has an optimal and well-maintained infrastructure in terms of buildings, playgrounds, computer lab, lab materials, library and variety holdings, parking facilities, indoor facilities for games, examinations and admission offices, etc.

Our Singularities

S.No. Room Number Size
Length (in Ft) Breadth (in Ft)
1 Biology Lab 1 37 24
2 Chemistry Lab 1 37 24
3 Physics Lab 1 37 24
4 Computer Science Lab 1 24 25
5 Library 1 40 38
6 Class Rooms 32 24 25
7 Other Rooms 07 22 25
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