SCEMS Facilities

Fully Stacked Library

The school makes every attempt to make the students good readers because a good reader is a good leader. The spacious library has a diverse collection of books on a variety of subjects. We subscribe the leading newspapers in different languages, journals and magazines that keep our students abreast with national events.

Library Rules

  1. Teachers and students are encouraged to make the best use of the library. 
  2. Perfect silence and order must be maintained in the library at all times.
  3. The students of standard III to X may borrow books from the School library.
  4. The school library is open on working days only.
  5. Books may be kept for one week and must be returned on the date given on the date slip. If needed, renewal for a second week may be granted, at the discretion of the Librarian/Principal.
  6. Students who keep books longer than the time permitted will have to pay Rs.1/-per day. The amount is to be paid at the library office.
  7. While taking a new book, if any defect or damage is noticed kindly bring to the attention of the librarian. Books lost will have to be replaced or paid for in twice the price.
  8. Students are not allowed to exchange or lend books among themselves or with outsiders.
  9. Newspapers and magazines in the reading room can be used by everyone, when the library remains open. They are not to be taken out of the reading room. 
  10. Only note books or papers and pen will be permitted in the library or reading room. During library periods, the class will remain under the supervision of the teacher.
  11. All books taken from the library should be returned one month before the annual examination. No student will be allowed to sit for the examination unless clearance is granted from the librarian.
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