Characteristics of

Claretian Education

Affirming the integrity of human person as a physical, psychological, social, moral and spiritual entity, Claretian education seeks to provide integral and holistic human formation that caters to the different domains of the learners.

Our education system is based on the universal principles and values. Knowledge is imparted to the learners as wisdom for leading value based life and work.

We seek to educate the youth of today for taking up value based leadership roles in the society to mould a civilization of love.

Our focus is to promote an ambience wherein the learners can learn cultural tolerance, religious harmony and peaceful co-existence.

We seek to empower the socially and economically marginalized groups by upholding the values of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

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School Philisophy

Every student in our school is known as “Claretine.” We believe all children can learn and that parents are the primary educators of their children. Since education is a concerted effort, we work together with parents to inspire the students to realize their true potential and to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, social and physical well-being. We aspire to provide a child-centered, nurturing and safe environment that empowers each child to become a life-long learner, self-aware individual, effective communicator, and responsible citizen. 

Life-Long Learner

As a life-long learner, every Claretine will apply the skills learned during the school years to seek continuously further knowledge in order to enhance and apply their critical thinking in different situations by taking responsibility and be accountable for oneself and others through attentive listening and resolving problems in a creative way.

Self-Aware Individual

By being self-aware individuals, every Claretine, will understand how the process of transformative learning occurs. Simultaneously, develop and use time management and organizational skills by healthy habits of mind, body, and spirit.

Effective Communicator

We envisage that every Claretine must demonstrate written and oral communication clearly and competently and to use technology responsibly and effectively by nurturing leadership and effective communication skills.

Responsible Citizen

Every Claretine must understand and follow the rules and regulations of the class room, school and society. In order to facilitate it, he/she must learn and practice the skills of self-disciplined behaviour and exhibit positive aptitude when working and living with others by mutual cooperation, fraternal sharing, service to others and respecting different belief systems and traditions.


Imparted in Our Institution

Every learner who passes through the portals of our school shall come to prize and personalize the following value hierarchy

Personal Values

We try to inculcate in our students values such as positive ambition, cleanliness, contentment, courage, creativity, dignity of labour, intellectual competence and excellence, honesty, regularity and punctuality, self-confidence and simplicity.

Social Values

Values those are other-oriented and other-entered. Accountability, brotherhood, concern for environment, courtesy, forgiveness, friendship, gratitude, patience and sharing.

Spiritual and Moral Values

These values include faith in God, prayer and devotion, justice, truthfulness and personal integrity, service and respectful relationship.

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