St. Claret English Medium School is administered by St. Thomas Province of Claretian Congregation. The fathers belong to a Spanish Congregation founded by St. Anthony Mary Claret, who was born in Sallent, Barcelona, Spin on 23rd December 1807. It was during that time when so many people remained ignorant and illiterate. The school is established by Claretian fathers with the main motive of providing quality and value based education to the students of Chimur region. The school has classes from Nursery till X standard. The founding of the school is influenced by the educational philosophy and vision of St. Anthony Mary Claret, a saint of 19th century in Spain and the founder of the Claretian Missionary fathers. In India, the first institution was started in 1970 and now they carry on their services in almost all the states of India in different fields. They are committed in providing quality education for all the children, irrespective of caste, color, religion and language.