SCEMS Facilities

Fully Equipped Science Lab

Science Laboratory is designed to encourage and kindle scientific curiosity and creativity in the students. The lab is equipped with all the necessary apparatus which provide a better opportunity for the students to conduct experiments and enrich the scientific knowledge. Students from V to X standard are permitted to visit the science lab accompanying the subject teacher.

Science Lab Rules

  1. Strict silence and discipline must be maintained in the computer Lab.
  2. The apparatuses must be handled carefully.
  3. Never do any experiment without the approval and direct supervision of your teacher.
  4. Never play with the safety equipment.
  5. Report your teacher immediately if an accident occurs.
  6. Notify your teacher straightaway if a spill occurs.
  7. Tell your teacher promptly about any broken, chipped, or scratched glassware so that it may be properly cleaned up and disposed of.
  8. Never taste anything during a laboratory activity.
  9. Clean up your work area upon the completion of your activity.
  10. Wash your hands with soap and water upon the completion of an activity.
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