St. Claret English Medium School Chimur Elects Dynamic Student Council in Thrilling Elections

St. Claret English Medium School in Chimur recently hosted its extremely expected student council elections, brimming with enthusiasm and participation. Candidates competed passionately for pivotal roles such as Head Boy, Head Girl, and House Leaders, each presenting their vision for the school community.

Under the vigilant supervision of faculty members, the elections were conducted with fairness, ensuring every student had the opportunity to vote for their preferred leaders. The announcement of results echoed through the school halls, resonating with cheers and applause, symbolizing a moment of unity and democratic spirit.

Newly elected council members have eagerly expressed their dedication to enriching school life and addressing student concerns, pledging collaboration with both peers and faculty. Principal Rev. Fr. Robin Paul CMF underscored the significance of leadership and responsibility, emphasize the school's commitment to cultivating these values among its students.

The successful conclusion of the election's underscores St. Claret English Medium School's steadfast focus on nurturing leadership skills and fostering civic engagement within its student body.