Quality Management Team

We are committed to quality and excellence. In this regard, one of the initiatives is the Quality Enhancement Team. The main aim of QET is to uphold the quality of the education through strenuous evaluation and improvement. 

The QET is consisted of the Principal, Manager and 5 experienced teachers. The team attends seminars and workshops for enhancing quality of education and then imparts the acquired knowledge to the other teachers through seminars organized by them in the school. The team focuses on different parameters of the school every year. The team meets regularly to discuss and evaluate the activities of the school.

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Remedial Class

Remedial Classes are basic catch-up classes. It is aimed to help those students who have fallen below minimum standards.  SCEMS offers remedial classes to appropriate benchmarks. It is a value-added offered by the teachers wherein certain subjects are re-taught and instructed at the levels of understanding and pace of learning of students. Every complicated concept is simplified wherein the teacher reinforces not one method of formal teaching that is suitable to each student. Thus personal care is catered to students of different levels. Our students attend these classes with enthusiasm as they equip and uplift them with studying techniques. We also insist on the following methods too: 

Small Group Tutoring

This is a common teaching strategy followed in our school. The higher achieving students work in groups to help those who are in need of special helps. Also this provides the teachers with ample time to support and encourage the weaker students.

One-To-One Tutoring

Here, the teacher spends time with a student. Identifying the special needs of the students, the teachers journey with each student according to one’s pace.

One-To-One Tutoring

Peer tutoring involves one student helping another student on their work. This may take the form of older students coming into the classroom to help younger students.

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