The facilities given by us are meant for the welfare of all our students. The facilities are given considering that comfortability and security should be on our top priorities.


• Managed by committed fathers and sisters.
• Most modern facilities of education.
• Well trained and motivated staff.
• Well furnished classrooms and school building.
• Variety of nursery play materials.
• Large play ground for cricket, football, volleyball and badminton.
• Attractive and eco-friendly premises with a serene atmosphere for study.
• Exposure to competitive exams.
• Medical camp and free medical check-up for all the students.
• Transportation facility.
• All the classrooms are smart class enabled.
• Well equipped labs and library.


The play grounds are well-equipped with all the playing props and playing stuffs for all our students. We have cricket ground, football ground, volleyball ground and also badminton ground.


We avail you with the transportation facilities to carry our students to and fro from their places to school and from school to their places.


It should be noted that if your child suffers from an ailment which will affect his participation in daily activities, it is essential that the school be informed from time to time. Please ensure the school is kept informed to the medicines to which your children are allergic.


The computer labs are well equipped with the latest multimedia computers. The school staff is trained with the latest online courses so that they can guide their students on the same.


Library facilities

(i) Size of the Library in sq. feet 1520 Sq. ft.

(ii) No. of Periodicals 10

(iii) No. of Dailies 4

(iv) No. of reference books class-wise 5 each class for each subject

(v) No. of Magazine 5

(vi) Others –